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Mordialloc-Cheltenham Community Hospital

Full Description

Construction work commenced on the Mordialloc Community Hospital in (circa) 1950 (according to the Hospital and Charities Commission (HCC) Annual Report for financial year 1949-1950, page 7). The hospital was a going-concern in 1953 (HCC Annual Report for financial year 1952-1953, page 7) by which time it was known as Mordialloc-Cheltenham Community Hospital. It was listed in the annual report under the heading: 'Subsidized Charitable Institutions and Benevolent Societies'.

The (public) hospital closed in 1996.

Upon closure of Mordialloc-Cheltenham Hospital, Monash Medical Centre (Moorabin Campus) became the custodian of the records. Monash Medical Centres were agglomerated under the rubric Soulthern Health. An effort was made to locate the birth register post-1979 without success.

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Local: VA 1251

Spatial Coverage:

141.000000,-34.000000 142.919336,-34.145604 144.582129,-35.659230 147.742627,-35.873175 150.024219,-37.529041 150.200000,-39.200000 141.000000,-39.200000 141.000000,-34.000000 141.000000,-34.000000

145.6 -36.6


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