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Real-time Porosity: Using computer gaming technology to map and analyse pedestrian movement in public and private space.

Brief Description

In 2003-5 Richard Goodwin's Porosity project took a snapshot of the public use of private space within Sydney's CBD. By employing sensors that feed information from real environments computer gaming technology will allow us to experience Porosity in real-time and in first person. In addition to extending Porosity and the EICU's automated data modeling project, Real-Time Porosity will provide new ways to experience, test, observe, archive, review and assist pedestrian movement. Real-Time Porosity will greatly enhance the ability of urban designers, architects, security experts, major events planners and artists to consider and analyse the city.

Investigators: Prof Dr RJ Goodwin; Mr R Lowe
Scheme: Linkage Projects
Funding: $AUD 416,000.00
Application Year: 2008

This project will make a major, and ongoing, contribution to our understanding of urban space in a major Australian city. The Porosity Lenses will enable a more complete understanding of pedestrian movement that the Emergency Information Coordination Unit (EICU) believes will directly contribute to protecting Australia from terrorism and crime. In the case of terrorism the socio/economic benefits of even the smallest success can be immeasurable. The need to anticipate and mitigate the impact of catastrophic events on the city will be balanced, in this study, by a concern to maintain freedom of circulation and promote civic opportunities within previously under-utilised zones.

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