Activation of TERT gene expression in breast carcinogenesis [ 2014 - 2017 ]

Also known as: Activation of TERT in breast cancer

Research Grant

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Researchers: A/Pr Juliet French A/Pr Nicole Cloonan Dr Jonathan Beesley Dr Lily Huschtscha (Participant) Prof Roger Reddel (Principal investigator)
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Brief description A key step in the development of most cancers is the switching on of an enzyme, telomerase, that allows cancer cells to keep growing without limit. We will study the molecular details of this step using new techniques for functional analyses of the genome in human breast cells grown in the laboratory. Blocking telomerase has great potential for cancer treatment, so analysing how this enzyme gets switched on may identify new strategies for achieving this for breast cancer - and other cancers.

Funding Amount $AUD 693,440.85

Funding Scheme Project Grants

Notes Standard Project Grant

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