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Albury Police Station was established by 22 February 1847 when the Chief Constable, John McEwen was appointed. (1) On 26 May, 1851 the station was proclaimed as one in which the Police Act, 1838 (2 Victoria Act No. 2) as amended was applicable. (2) The Act aimed at preventing certain nuisance behaviours and promoting good order and safety by declaring as offences obstructions in public places and enforcing building standards. By 1863 Albury was the head station of Murray district when the establishment comprised a Superintendent, three senior sergeants, two senior constables and four mounted constables with one senior constable and four constables on foot. (3) In 1871 the limits of the town of Albury were defined. (4)

In 2010 the Albury Police Station was in the Albury Local Area Command within the Southern Region and was the Local Area Command Office. Its address in 2010 was 539-543 Olive Street, Albury. (5)

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