Antisocial behaviour in young Australian adults: Social and economic influences [ 2010 - 2012 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Dr SA Hemphill; Prof JW Toumbourou; Dr PJ Kremer

Brief description Antisocial behaviour is prevalent in Australia and imposes large social and economic costs. Currently, much of the crime prevention research has been conducted overseas. The findings of this study will provide important insights into the development of antisocial behaviour from childhood and adolescence through into young adulthood in the Australian context. By better understanding how factors such as unemployment, alcohol-related entertainment, and sporting participation influence antisocial behaviour in young adulthood, prevention and early intervention programs can be developed to target specific subgroups. In this way spending on criminal justice systems can be reduced and a safer, more harmonious community can be fostered.

Funding Amount $671,575

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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