ARC Australia-New Zealand Research Network for Vegetation Function [ 2004 - 2009 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Prof M WestobyProf MA AdamsDr B EnquistDr MS McGloneDr S SchmidtDr AB NicotraProf Dr JT LambersProf JB ReidProf P LangridgeProf J RavenProf GD FarquharProf HP PossinghamProf P ReichProf KJ NiklasDr TJ GivnishProf H RennenbergDr E DreyerProf MT Tyree

Brief description (ARC Australia-New Zealand Research Network for Vegetation Function) Plants clothe our landscapes and drive ecosystem processes from local to global scale. Vegetation function underpins carbon sequestration, transpiration credits and salinity mitigation. Public appreciation of vegetation is at the heart of sustainability, a national priority. High-impact research over the next 5 years will synthesize from genomic to planetary scales. Datasets about ecological traits, physical habitat, phylogeny and genomics will merge and go global. Bringing in key overseas participants, the Vegetation Function network will lead the emerging synthesis, adding value for experimental-research groups. Australasian postdocs and postgrads will have an inside track for leadership of the next generation.

Funding Amount $2,500,000

Funding Scheme Special Research Initiative (Research Networks)

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