ARC Centres of Excellences - Grant ID: CE170100039 [ 2017 - 2023 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Prof Michael Fuhrer; Prof Alexander Hamilton; Dr Elena Ostrovskaya; Prof Kristian Helmerson; Prof Xiaolin Wang; Prof Kourosh Kalantar-zadeh; Dr Qiaoliang Bao; Dr Dimitrie Culcer; A/Prof Jeffrey Davis; Prof Matthew Davis; Dr Oleh Klochan; Dr Nikhil Medhekar; Dr Meera Parish; A/Prof Jan Seidel; Dr Agustin Schiffrin; Prof Oleg Sushkov; Prof Nagarajan Valanoor; A/Prof Christopher Vale; A/Prof Lan Wang; Prof William Phillips; Prof Antonio Castro-Neto; Prof Victor Galitski; A/Prof Nuh Gedik; Prof Victor Gurarie; Dr James Hannon; Dr Sven Hoefling; Prof James Hone; Prof Dr Ferenc Krausz; Prof Dr Frank Klose; Prof Peter Littlewood; A/Prof Allan MacDonald; Prof Johnpierre Paglione; Prof Gil Refael; Prof Dr Jairo Sinova; Dr Ian Spielman; Prof Barbaros Oezyilmaz; Dr Anton Tadich; Prof Qikun Xue

Brief description This Centre aims to develop the scientific foundation and intellectual property for new electronics technologies. Decreasing energy use is a major societal challenge, and this Centre aims to meet that challenge by realising fundamentally new types of electronic conduction without resistance in solid-state systems at room temperature. Novel resistance-free electronic phenomena at room temperature are expected to form the basis of integrated electronics technology with ultra-low energy consumption. This Centre’s development of innovative electronics could put Australia at the forefront of the international electronics industry.

Funding Amount $33,400,000

Funding Scheme ARC Centres of Excellences

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