Associate Professor Caroline Hauxwell

Queensland University of Technology
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Research Areas: Microorganisms in food production. Our group conducts original research in the biology, ecology and commercial use of microorganisms in agriculture. Current projects include:

  • Development, production and formulation of commercial biopesticides and inocula
  • The diversity and ecology of microbes in the insect and rhizospheric microbiome
  • Mathematical models of invertebrate pathogen dynamics
  • The application of pathogens in insecticide resistance management

We collaborate with commercial partners and agricultural industries to develop and use biopesticides and plant inocula in integrated pest management strategies. Recent work has had a significant impact in reducing the use of chemical insecticides in partnership with commercial companies, with international registration of new biopesticides and establishment of a successful new manufacturing company.

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Ph: +61 7 3138 8062
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