Australian Literature and the Sacred: Contesting the Myth of Australian Secularism [ 2004 - 2007 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Dr LM McCreddenDr FM Devlin-GlassA/Prof BD Ashcroft

Brief description The dominant myth of Australian culture has stressed its modern, post-religious secularism. This project, focussing on Australian literature since 1940, challenges this most tenacious myth, current in the wider culture and in Australian literary scholarship. It will investigate how the contemporary sacred is transforming in the context of urgent recent claims to the sacred by indigenous peoples, migrants and women. This project will redefine and systematize what sacredness might mean in a supposedly secular Australian culture. It will produce a new model of the sacred in Australian literary history and make significant interventions in post-colonial debates.

Funding Amount $97,189

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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