Cape Keerweer 1606-2006: an ethnographic history of the Wik region, Queensland [ 2004 - 2008 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Dr PJ Sutton

Brief description In this research with Wik Aboriginal people I investigate how key facets of the peoples' lives have changed since the first Dutch visit 400 years ago. I seek a credible empirical explanation for their descent into crisis, especially post-1978, something with wider implications for the national interest. I examine historical causes through shifts in demography, land tenure, occupations, power relations, violence, language use, and art production. From the intensely local, the past individuals and cultural landscapes of Cape Keerweer, I move outward in space and onward in time tracing gradual Wik engagement in regional, state, national and global relationships 1606-2006.

Funding Amount $625,364

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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