Challenges, Possibilities and Future Directions: A National Assessment of Australia's Children's Courts [ 2009 - 2010 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Prof A Borowski; A/Prof RJ Sheehan; Prof PJ Camilleri; Asst Prof M McArthur; Dr EO Fernandez; Dr JJ Bolitho; A/Prof D West; Ms J Packham; Dr C Tilbury; Prof P Mazerolle; A/Prof PH Delfabbro; Dr A Day; Dr MH Travers; Prof RD White; A/Prof MW Clare; Dr JP C

Brief description Children's Courts occupy a unique position in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems in responding to often marginalized delinquent youth and vulnerable children and families. Philosophical and structural shifts in Australia and overseas suggest community and legal system responses are often ineffective and contribute to longer-term problems, creating social challenges for governments and communities alike. This national study will examine how key stakeholders, including, significantly, judicial officers, view the Children's Court's contemporary responses and challenges, their preferred alternatives responses and the viability of suggested reforms, thus offering a unique contribution to informing legal and social policy change.

Funding Amount $580,000

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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