Characterising protein and membrane changes in age-related cataract lenses. [ 2008 - 2011 ]

Also known as: What causes human cataract?

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Roger Truscott (Principal investigator) ,  Prof Michael Guilhaus

Brief description Cataract is the major cause of blindness worldwide. At present the only treatment for cataract, is surgery. This, however, is associated with complications (e.g. posterior capsule opacification), is expensive (a major component of the Health budget) and cannot keep pace with the incidence of cataract in developing nations. In addition, due to the greying of the community , this problem will be of increasing importance in the future. For prevention, we need to understand why cataract develops.

Funding Amount $AUD 441,624.54

Funding Scheme NHMRC Project Grants

Notes Standard Project Grant

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