CLOSED1136 Reef Rescue BMP tools Whitten

Researchers: Oswald Marinoni (Associated with)

Brief description Water quality improvements in the GBR catchments require the adoption of improved land management practices – with nutrients, pesticides and suspended sediments from cane, and sediments from grazing. Estimates of the relative cost and effectiveness of improved Best Management Practices (BMPs) are becoming available for some practices across limited regions with limited consistency and do not represent the diversity of farm enterprises across land types, operating structures, or transition costs. The project developed deliverables that will greatly enhance and extend cost effectiveness estimates across diverse regions, include enterprise diversity, appraise public benefit, and incorporate cost drivers such as physical constraints like land types and barriers to change such as transition costs. We will integrate this analysis in a decision support tool that can be used by NRM regions to identify the most cost effective mix of practice changes to invest in, and by individual landholders to explore the cost and profit implications of BMP adoption for their farm.

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