Cultural sustainability in Australian country towns: amenity, mobility, and everyday life [ 2009 - 2011 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Dr CA Driscoll; Dr K Bowles; Prof K Darian-Smith; A/Prof CR Gibson; Dr D Nichols; A/Prof G Waitt

Brief description By exploring the everyday experiences of culture and cultural amenity in three country towns, this cross-disciplinary project provides the first comprehensive documentation of the complexity of cultural sustainability within rural Australia. We will explore issues of demographic mobility; individual and community relationships to places and histories; social and economic adaptability to local, national and global cultural influences; and the role of cultural infrastructure and heritage in community well-being and sustainability. Project outcomes include scholarly publications and presentations; a series of community-driven digital cultural maps; and feedback for community and government on the impact of culture on sustainability.

Funding Amount $323,486

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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