Discovery Projects - Grant ID: DP140103004 [ 2014 - 2016 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Dr An Deng; Prof Hamid Nikraz; Dr Abbas Taheri; A/Prof Yuning Ge;

Brief description Civil engineers use backfill to refill excavated areas around new structures. They have found recently that rubber chips and shredded rubber make excellent backfill when combined with a small percentage of cement to make ‘rubber soil’. The widespread use of rubber soil therefore offers a tremendous opportunity to make use of a serious waste product to achieve important engineering outcomes. However, too little is known about the technology. This project will model the behaviour of rubber soil in order to introduce it as an environmentally sustainable, cost-effective and technically sound choice of geomaterial for both standard and non-standard geotechnical structures.

Funding Amount 225000

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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