Discovery Projects - Grant ID: DP150100608 [ 2015 - 2017 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Dr Peter Unmack; Mr Mark Adams

Brief description Carp gudgeons are the most abundant, widespread and biodiverse freshwater fishes in southeastern Australia, but the unacknowledged presence of many cryptic species and sexually-parasitic lineages severely taints all research on this cornerstone group. This project will provide unrivalled evolutionary, genomic, and taxonomic insights into this new instance of vertebrate sexual parasitism, which offers a unique mix of research advantages not displayed by any other sexual/unisexual complex. The knowledge gained will impact many research fields, including evolutionary theory addressing the unexplainable prevalence of sex, native fish ecology, and environmental monitoring of the Murray-Darling Basin, an ecosystem of world significance.

Funding Amount 344600

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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