Discovery Projects - Grant ID: DP150103137 [ 2015 - 2017 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Prof Jeffrey Reimers; Prof Elmars Krausz; Prof Arvi Freiberg

Brief description The nature and role of the lowest-energy excited states in most natural photosynthetic reaction centres and light-harvesting complexes will be determined. The lowest-energy states of bacterial reaction centres are critical to function and are used as a paradigm in artificial organic solar-energy capture, but for most photosystems their nature remains unknown and a critical question that we shall answer is to why they do not actually prevent function. Both the outcomes obtained and techniques developed will be directly relevant to solar-energy device design. We will apply 5 existing, complimentary, and purposely built spectrometers as well as quantum electronic and nuclear simulation techniques to identify and characterise 3 key systems.

Funding Amount 394500

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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