Discovery Projects - Grant ID: DP160100775 [ 2016 - 2020 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Dr Ha Bui; Prof Jayantha Kodikara; A/Prof Marcelo Sanchez

Brief description The project plans to develop a model of the mechanism of drying shrinkage and associated cracking in soils. Soil desiccation cracking can adversely affect the stability and performance of many vital geo-infrastructures. For example, desiccation cracks have contributed to dam and slope failures incurring significant damages. Our understanding of the mechanism of drying shrinkage cracking and ways to control or avoid such cracking in soils is not yet fully developed. This project aims to advance knowledge of the nature of crack initiation and propagation in clayey soils induced by moisture evaporation, through the use of advanced experimental and modelling techniques. Outcomes are expected to lead to new continuum models for reliable prediction of soil desiccation cracking.

Funding Amount $340,000

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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