Discovery Projects - Grant ID: DP160101978 [ 2016 - 2020 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers A/Prof Jie Yang; Prof Sritawat Kitipornchai

Brief description This project aims to contribute to the development of novel lightweight structural members made of graphene nanocomposites with greatly enhanced resistance to abrupt or progressive buckling failure. Abrupt or progressive buckling failure under excessive compressive loads is a common and often catastrophic problem in engineering structures. The project intends to develop a functionally graded multilayer graphene nanocomposite structure and to conduct a combined theoretical, numerical and experimental investigation into its buckling and postbuckling behaviours, taking into account the effect of initial imperfection. The project aims to advance the knowledge base of the mechanical behaviour of lightweight nanocomposite structures with improved structural reliability.

Funding Amount $310,000

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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