Discovery Projects - Grant ID: DP160103501 [ 2016 - ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Prof Robert Randall; A/Prof Zhongxiao Peng; Dr Pietro Borghesani; Asst Prof Sheng Li

Brief description This project aims to improve prediction of the remaining useful life of gears. Gears are widely used in industry and transport. This project aims to integrate the two main methods of gear condition monitoring, vibration and oil analysis, and perform model-based wear prediction with the tribology and dynamic models continually updated on the basis of measured wear debris and vibration. New signal processing tools should allow estimation of relatively weak friction forces, previously neglected, as an important prognostic tool. This would allow detailed root cause analysis and prediction of remaining useful life. Improvements in gear prognosis would have safety and economic benefits by eliminating unforeseen catastrophic failures and optimising maintenance schedules.

Funding Amount 385000

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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