Discovery Projects - Grant ID: DP170102406 [ 2017 - 2023 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Prof Zai Guo; Dr Konstantin Konstantinov; Prof Dr Xiong-Wen (David) Lou; Prof Zhen Zhou

Brief description The project aims to develop potassium ion batteries for renewable energy storage and conversion. Potassium ion batteries could be the most promising choice for large-scale electrical energy storage, particularly for renewable energy sources and smart electrical grids, due to their low cost, natural abundance and the advantages of potassium compared to lithium/sodium ion batteries. This study will research the electrochemical reactions and charge transfer pathway of electrode materials with excellent potassium ion storage performance. This project is expected to develop high performance potassium ion batteries and advance the prominence of Australia in the global renewable energy market.

Funding Amount $493,500

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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