Doctor Freya Bailes

Western Sydney University
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Dr. Freya Bailes joined the MARCS Institute at Western Sydney University in July 2007. In collaboration with Professor Roger Dean, she conducted research into the perception and emotional expression of contemporary music, and the role of leadership in musical improvisation.

Freya's previous post-doctoral experience includes first working in the psychology environment of the L.E.A.D., Universite de Bourgogne (2002-2003), second in the music environment of the C.S.M.L., Ohio State University (2003-2004), and third in the interdisciplinary area of the Sonic Communications Research Group at the University of Canberra (2004-2007).

Freya's doctoral thesis 'Musical Imagery: Hearing and Imagining Music' explored the nature and prevalence of musical imagery (University of Sheffield, 1999-2002). Freya remains actively involved in music as an oboe player (DipABRSM in performance).

Dr. Freya Bailes has left Western Sydney University.

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