Dr. Celmara Pocock

University of Southern Queensland
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Brief description

Has diverse research interests that fall broadly fall into the area of human relationships with the environment. Iinterests include aesthetics and labour on the Great Barrier Reef, cultural heritage tourism and human-animal relations. Recently developed further projects on heritage and wine tourism in regional Australia, and the impacts of ecotourism and world heritage listing on local communities in Tasmania.               

Research includes:
Heritage Studies: integrated cultural-natural landscapes; living memory, aesthetics, emotions, national themes, intersections with tourism, new technologies, social values, museums and interpretation.
Senses of Place: theories, historical change, media representation, the body and the senses, hyper-reality and simulacra.
Great Barrier Reef: tourism, visual representation, Indigenous people in tourism and science, knowledge of the underwater, science and scientists.
Identity and Belonging: Impact of ecotourism on local and regional communities (Great Barrier Reef, Strahan and Stanthorpe).
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and heritage: Aboriginal labour, government policies, land rights and native title.
Culture-Nature: Landscape, nature-culture nexus, animal-human relations, history of conservation.
Tourism and travel: social theory, narratives and themes, material cultures of tourism; tourism ephemera (photograph albums, home movies, brochures, etc.).

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University of Southern Queensland Toowoomba Qld 4350 Australia