Dr Scott Burnett

University of the Sunshine Coast
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Dr Scott Burnett moved from the Sunshine Coast area in the mid-1980’s to undertake a BSc at James Cook University in Townsville. During the subsequent 20 years, he has worked as an environmental consultant, university research assistant, and finally a technical officer with the Threatened Species Unit of the QPWS in Atherton. During this time, and partly resulting from his PhD studies on Spotted-tailed Quolls, Scott came to appreciate the integral role of the community in wildlife conservation.

Scott returned to south-east Queensland to begin working as a Wildlife Projects Officer with the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland in early 2005. This job allowed him to meld two streams of academia and community extension into a single program in which the community are engaged with wildlife research and monitoring.

In 2006, Scott became an adjunct and sessional staff member of the University of the Sunshine Coast, and in 2008 took up a contract to teach Australian Wildlife, develop new wildlife courses and participate in the development of a campus wildlife management plan.

Scott's research areas include:

  • ecology and conservation strategies for endangered vertebrates
  • ecology of Australian carnivourous marsupials
  • novel techniques for monitoring wildlife populations
  • feeding ecology of owls
  • fauna inventory
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