The EarthByte software and database system [ 2005 - 2006 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers: Professor Dietmar Müller (Participant)

Researchers A/Prof RD Muller; Prof PA Cawood; A/Prof LN Moresi; Prof HB Muhlhaus; Prof AY Zomaya; Dr MF Coffin; Dr SJ Cox; A/Prof GL Clarke; Dr K Gohl; Dr M Gurnis; Dr WR Roest; Prof TH Torsvik; Prof P Wessel; Dr R Woodcock; Dr A Woolf; Dr C Cervato; Prof Dr X Xie; D

Brief description Earth processes over geological timescales cannot be understood outside of a plate tectonic context. However, no standard tool exists to explore the causes and effects of lithosphere-mantle interaction in accordance with past plate configurations. Our aim is to develop a Palaeo-Geographic Information System called EarthByte that will connect the open source and architecture-independent GPlates and GMT software, and implement XML-based service interfaces and databases. EarthByte will create the foundation for an e-geoscience framework for grid-based data access and Earth process modelling by linking geological and geophysical observations to palaeogeographic models for constraining mantle convection and lithospheric deformation.

Funding Amount $220,000

Funding Scheme Special Research Initiative

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