Genes and Environment in Development [ 2003 - 2003 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers A/Prof RI Richards Prof RB Saint Dr PD Currie Dr SL Dunwoodie Prof RP Harvey Dr DF Newgreen Dr SS Tan Dr PP Tam A/Prof E Whitelaw Dr ML Whitelaw A/Prof JF Bertram Prof R Harding Dr CL Coulter Dr GS Harper Dr SB Hooper A/Prof EJ Mackie Dr TJ Moss

Brief description Interactions between the early environment and the genetic regulatory program of the early embryo have major consequences for the development of individuals. The aim of this Network is to harness the resources of leading researchers from the previously distinct disciplines of developmental biology and developmental physiology to better understand developmental regulatory networks and how environmental factors impinge on them. The formation of such a Network is unique, timely and strategic in that it will generate new insights into the mechanisms by which events in early life determine the risk of adverse outcomes in perinatal and adult life.

Funding Amount $20,000

Funding Scheme Special Research Initiative

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