Globalization and New Wars: The War in Chechnya [ 2006 - 2008 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Dr M Sussex; A/Prof P Shearman; Prof M Cox; Prof R Sakwa; Prof RE Kanet

Brief description Identifying the causes of conflict has practical applications for Australian security policy formulation, since an area of instability exists within our region. A finding that causes of war arise either from complex domestic political struggles, or processes of globalization, has implications for which strategic posture Australia should adopt in responding to crises. The project falls within Research Priority 4: 'Safeguarding Australia'. By addressing the need to better understand causes of war, it assists Australian policymakers to better understand and manage potential threats. Greater knowledge of war likewise assists defence policy planners to maintain an operational advantage for Australia's defence forces.

Funding Amount $108,489

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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