Obesity, overweight and hospitalisation: Identifying targets for interventions to prevent adverse health outcomes [ 2010 - 2013 ]

Also known as: How can we prevent hospitalisation related to overweight and obesity?

Research Grant

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Researchers: Dr Mark Clements A/Pr Bette Liu Prof Adrian Bauman Dr Rosemary Korda (Participant) Prof Emily Banks (Principal investigator)

Brief description Obesity is an important and rapidly increasing health problem, especially in indigenous communities. The proposed project investigates how obesity affects the risk of hospital admission in Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, including providing evidence regarding the nature of the hospitalisation, the cost and whether specific groups are at a higher risk of obesity-related hospitalisation. In doing so it aims to identify targets for intervention to reduce obesity-related hospitalisation

Funding Amount $AUD 603,755.26

Funding Scheme NHMRC Project Grants

Notes Standard Project Grant

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