Individual decision making, welfare measurement and policy evaluation in the health sector: a microeconometric approach [ 2003 - 2007 ]

Also known as: Evaluating health policy by understanding consumer and provider decisions about health care: a new approach

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Jane Hall (Principal investigator) ,  Prof Denzil Fiebig Prof Jordan Louviere Prof Patricia Apps Prof Rosalie Viney

Brief description This proposed program of research will contribute to the development of economics and health economics internationally. It provides an exciting opportunity to bring together scholars across economics at the forefront of the discipline internationally, who are researchers with extensive experience in the practical application of research results in shaping policy directions. The approach will fill the repeatedly identified gap in policy relevant health services research at the system level in Australia. The immediate outcomes of the research program will be information on specific health policy issues, in terms of the drivers of cost and utilization, access and equity.

Funding Amount $AUD 6,968,101.14

Funding Scheme Programs

Notes Program Grant

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