The International History of Cosmopolitanism and Nationalism, 1814-1822 [ 2009 - 2012 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Prof GA Sluga

Brief description We cannot understand our entrapment in nationalism until we unravel the history of its complex inter-relationship with cosmopolitanism. This project excavates an understanding of politics and community that offers alternatives to the current global impasse. The moment in the past I will study was the origin of our present predicament, namely the inescapability of nationalism for the cosmopolitan and of cosmopolitanism for the nationalist. This project will consolidate the significance of Australian scholarship to a field that is critical to understanding our choices and destinies in a global society. It will make Australia the headquarters of a new international history that investigates the relevance of the past to policy-making.

Funding Amount $285,028

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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