Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities - Grant ID: LE150100030 [ 2015 - 2015 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers A/Prof Vijay Sivaraman; Prof Matthew Roughan; A/Prof Mehran Abolhasan; Dr Jason But; Prof Vijay Varadharajan; Dr Craig Russell; Dr Timothy Moors; Prof Farzad Safaei; A/Prof Marius Portmann; A/Prof Weifa Liang; Dr Mark Gregory; Prof Sanjay Jha; Prof David Taubman; Dr Hung Nguyen; Dr Nickolas Falkner; Prof Guoqiang Mao; Prof Robin Braun; Prof Grenville Armitage; Dr Udaya Tupakula; Prof Jadwiga Indulska; A/Prof Peter Strazdins; Dr Raad Raad

Brief description This project aims to develop a wide-area test-bed spanning ten organisations for conducting research and experimentation in the emerging disruptive technology of software defined networking (SDN). SDN is going to bring long-term transformation to the networking industry, much like cloud computing did, by enabling dynamic virtualised elastic network services under software control. The test-bed will empower Australian researchers in network technologies and dependent applications (e.g. multimedia and security) to collaboratively develop and demonstrate novel ideas at scale. This will benefit Australia by giving our researchers international recognition in this nascent area, and developing a national talent pool for local industry.

Funding Amount $270,000

Funding Scheme Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities

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