Linkage Projects - Grant ID: LP150101027 [ 2015 - ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Prof Jeong Whan Yoon; Mr Robert Dick; Dr Eung-Zu Kim; Dr Xinhai Zhu

Brief description This project aims to reduce waste in the production of aluminium cans. Over 200 billion aluminium beverage cans per year are produced worldwide (including 30 billion in Australia), but there is a problematic level of waste due to aluminium sheet forming failure. Current simulation of a multi-stage sheet forming process for rigid-packaging components results in a higher rejection rate due to the inaccuracy of conventional forming and fracture limit models. A novel development in this work is the design of a nonlinear strain path which is intended to maximise the forming limit of aluminium alloys and also estimate the safety margin up to the necking or fracture limit in the early die design stage.

Funding Amount 301000

Funding Scheme Linkage Projects

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