Linkage Projects - Grant ID: LP160100914 [ 2016 - 2023 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers A/Prof Jiazhao Wang; Prof Hua Liu; Prof Zai Guo; Dr Konstantin Konstantinov; Dr Shulei Chou; Mr Richard Tandiono

Brief description This project aims to develop a lithium-metal-free sulphur battery system, and technology to commercialise this battery technology. Expected outcomes include an electrochemical system consisting of a selected promising lithium sulphide cathode, an alloying type anode and a liquid-based electrolyte, and large lithium-ion sulphur batteries with selected advanced electrode materials and electrolytes. Anticipated outcomes are the improved safety of typical lithium-sulphur batteries; that Australia will be internationally competitive in the area of energy storage; and increased overseas demand for Australian raw materials for manufacturing lithium-ion batteries.

Funding Amount $210,152

Funding Scheme Linkage Projects

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