Mathematics for Government, Industry and Community -- The *Magic* Network [ 2003 - 2003 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Prof PG Howlett Prof PG Taylor Dr NG Bean Dr SK Lucas Dr HS Sidhu Dr A Tordesillas Dr N Boland Prof L Caccetta Prof DY Chan Prof LK Forbes Dr N Fowkes Prof PG Hall A/Prof GC Hocking A/Prof KA Landman A/Prof T Marchant A/Prof V Gaitsgory A/Prof CE Pearce

Brief description The *Magic* network will promote the use of mathematics by government, industry and community to analyse real problems and implement practical solutions. It will connect the most promising young Australian mathematicians to experienced researchers with strong research teams linked directly to the broader community. Our program will demand research excellence, emphasise a sustainable society, support outstanding young mathematicians and create opportunities for promising postgraduate students. We will offer scholarships for professional development and fund research visits and exchanges. *Magic* will provide tangible incentives for young Australian mathematicians and a new generation of researchers and research leaders.

Funding Amount $20,000

Funding Scheme Special Research Initiative

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