Modes of speciation in subterranean diving beetles from calcrete aquifers of central Western Australia [ 2006 - 2008 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Dr SJ Cooper; Dr WF Humphreys

Brief description Understanding speciation is a fundamental biological problem and our analyses of the diving beetles will broaden our understanding of modes of speciation and how an extraordinary biodiversity of subterranean animals (stygofauna) evolved in the limestone aquifers of central WA. The aquifers are an important source of water for pastoralists and mining companies and the limestone is also a valuable resource, so there is a need for further research on the impacts of these uses. We will generate further knowledge of the diversity and biological significance of the stygofauna, information that is critical for the environmentally sustainable management of the aquifers and their ecosystems.

Funding Amount $195,000

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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