Molecular fossils, environmental genomics and the natural history of an Australian salt lake [ 2007 - 2009 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Dr JJ Brocks; Dr SC George; Prof JF Banfield

Brief description Increasing salinity of lakes is a critical problem for sustainable water supply in Australia. To comprehend the consequences of human-induced salinization, it is crucial to understand salt lakes at their most fundamental level. This project develops pioneering technologies to elucidate the microbial ecology and geochemistry of salt lakes in unprecedented detail. It will open new pathways to unravel how microbial ecosystems adapt to increasing salinization, and how they reacted to climate fluctuations in the past. Students will gain multidisciplinary skills in environmental genomics, proteomics and geochemistry, a unique combination that will become decisive for understanding and preserving ecosystems on our continent.

Funding Amount $263,000

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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