A Multi-Isotope, Multi-Mineral Approach to Chronology of Deformation, Metamorphism and Gold Mineralisation in the Eastern Goldfields Province, Western Australia [ 2002 - 2004 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Prof DI Groves Dr NJ McNaughton Dr L Snee

Brief description Following recent research, an excellent framework is emerging for the evolution of the Eastern Goldfields Province. However, the weak link remaining is the precise timing of post-depositional geological events. The majority of available ages are equivocal because only single ?non-robust? isotope systems were used. This project will be the first to take a multi-isotope and multi-mineral approach to constrain the temporal framework for the geological history of the Province. It will also provide an unequivocal guide to the robustness of the various isotopic methods and enable a careful reassessment of existing data and identification of appropriate methodology for future research.

Funding Amount $238,000

Funding Scheme Linkage Projects

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