Nanofiltration in Wastewater treatment for Reuse: Effect of Pretreatment for Long-term Application [ 2003 - 2003 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Prof S VigneswaranDr HH NgoProf IS KimProf K Yamamoto

Brief description Low pressure nanofiltration (NF) is a relatively new technology. The main problem of membrane fouling on NF could successfully be avoided by pretreatment. In this study, novel high rate pretreatment methods employing flocculation and biosorption concepts will be investigated to prolong membrane life time. A compact wastewater treatment technology established through this research will be useful in small and isolated communities. This study will be conducted in collaboration with Prof. Yamamoto of University of Tokyo (UTokyo), Japan and Prof. Kim of Kwangju Institute of Science and Technology (KJIST), Korea, who are international experts on nanofiltration and water reuse technologies respectively.

Funding Amount $23,720

Funding Scheme Linkage International

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