New Solutions For Maximising Secondary Indigenous Students? Full Potential: Identifying Causal Constructs That Enhance Indigenous Students' Aspirations and Educational Outcomes [ 2005 - 2006 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Mr GH Bodkin Andrews; A/Prof RG Craven

Brief description The proposed research offers important educational and social benefits for righting the disadvantaged status of Indigenous Australians within the secondary education system. Identifying specific psychological constructs that act as potent keys directly impacting on Indigenous students educational aspirations will eventually assist Indigenous students in reaching their full potential. In identifying these causal constructs, potent new interventions can then be created to enhance Indigenous schooling, create a stronger capital base in Aboriginal communities, and ensure a stronger Indigenous Australian representative population who will aid in shaping a better future for Australia.

Funding Amount $37,942

Funding Scheme Discovery Indigenous Researchers Development

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