Professor Helen Wallace

University of the Sunshine Coast
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Professor Helen Wallace's research is focused on the science of plant reproduction and entomology. Her interests include both theoretical and applied topics, including ecology, bee biology, forestry, horticulture and conservation.

Her research projects include topics on landscape ecology, pollination, bee ecology, fruit production and quality, seed dispersal, agroforestry, natural products from plants and bees, and sustainable soil management. She is especially interested in the ecology of bees in general and stingless bees in particular. She also has a very strong industry focus and uses science to solve industry problems e.g. in subtropical and tropical forestry, fruit and nut industries in Australia and the Pacific, and biotechnology companies. The industries she has worked with include canarium, Eucalyptus, Corymbia, macadamia, citrus, tamarind, and Pacific crops. She has particular expertise in processing and quality of crops in the Pacific.


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