Repository of Antibiotic resistance Cassettes [ 01/01/2010 - 31/12/2010 ]

Also known as: RAC

Researchers: Sally Partridge Senior Research Fellow Guy Tsafnat (Managed by, Has member)

Brief description

Bacteria that cause infections are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics. In Gram-negative bacteria much of this resistance is caused by mobile resistance genes. Our ability to monitor and predict the spread of resistance in these organisms largely depends on our ability to understand the genetic elements responsible for spread of these resistance genes. We have developed unique technologies that allow us to create an archive of relevant elements and to identify them in bacterial DNA sequences. The aim of this project is to make our knowledge repository of antibiotic resistance gene cassettes (an important mechanism for the spread of resistance) available to the wider research community and to allow researchers to annotate sequences containing gene cassettes using our system and contribute new entries to the repository as these are found. This system is an on-line application that allows microbiologists to: 1. browse and explore the gene cassette repository 2. annotate cassette array sequences using our knowledge base and the Attacca annotation engine 3. contribute new cassettes not yet in the database and obtain unique names for them.

Funding Scheme Goldstar-ARC


The cassette repository was compiled from a previous review (Partridge SR, Tsafnat G, Coiera E et al. Gene cassettes and cassette arrays in mobile resistance integrons. FEMS Microbiol Rev 2009; 33: 757-84) and new cassettes identified since this review was published.


RAC is an ANDS funded data capture project funded by ANDS DC5F grant and New South Wales Health Capacity Building and Infrastructure Grant.

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