Rothbury State Operated Colliery, Branxton

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State Records Authority of New South Wales
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On 1 March 1929, the miners at Rothbury Colliery were locked out after refusing a 12.5% cut to their pay. (1)

The owners of the colliery signed an agreement on 19 November 1929, granting full rights during the currency of the Agreement, to all material, labour, and production from the coal mine to His Majesty King George V, with a plan of the holding lodged with the Department of Mines. (2)

In December 1929, a  police camp was organised at the Rothbury Colliery on behalf of the State Government, to provide police protection for the non-union labour force attempting to reopen the mine. (3)     A violent clash occurred on 16 December 1929, with one miner dead and many others wounded as police fired on protesting miners. (4)  The colliery was operated by the State with non-union labour between December 1929 and June 1930.

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