Royal Commission into Australian Meat Industry

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The original Letters Patent setting out the Terms of Reference for the Royal Commission into the Australian Meat Industry and appointing the Honourable Albert Edward Woodward, O.B.E., a Judge of the Federal Court of Australia as Royal Commissioner, were issued by the Governor-General on 12 September 1981 and published in the Victorian Government Gazette on 15 September 1981.

The Royal Commission's Terms of Reference were:

1. whether administrative arrangements and procedures for the supervision of the
handling of meat for human consumption in Victoria are adequate to ensure that
all such meat meets the requirement prescribed by law

;2. whether malpractices are occurring, or have occurred in the handling of meat for
human consumption in Victoria

;3. allegations made, whether in public or to a Minister, Department or Authority of
the State, of malpractices alleged to have occurred since the coming into
operation of the Abattoir and Meat Inspection Act 1973 in the handling of meat
for human consumption in Victoria

;4. whether such allegations were dealt with in a manner that was adequate and
effective and

5. whether in response to such allegations any illegality or corruption occurred.

The Order also directs Albert Edward Woodward, O.B.E to make recommendations regarding any legislative or administrative changes deemed necessary from this inquiry.

An interim report of this inquiry was to be delivered to the Governor-General no later than 1 September 1982. A subsequent Order made on 24 August 1982, extended the delivery date of the report to 22 September 1982.

The reports of the Commission can be found in Parliamentary Papers presented to Australian Parliament on 17 September 1982, (222/1982).

The final report of the Royal Commission was tabled in Parliament on 21 September 1982.
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