Sale Prison [also known as Sale Gaol]

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Sale Prison opened in August 1887. It was initially set up as a reception prison for the Gippsland area. Sale Prison closed in April 1997.

All evidence currently available supports the opening date of Sale Gaol as 1887 despite the fact that Sale Gaol had been proclaimed as early as 1864.

In 1881 the Sale Gaol was proclaimed by the Governor (Government Gazette (GG), 1881, p.2531). In 1887 William Gardner was appointed Governor to Sale Gaol (GG, 1887 p.2224).

Sale Gaol had previously been proclaimed in 1864 (GG, 1864, p.2407). The site description sounds different from that described in the 1881 proclamation. The Sale Gaol as proclaimed in 1864 was discontinued by another proclamation in 1887 (GG, 1887, p.3027). By this proclamation the land and buildings cease to be a gaol on 17 October 1887.

A list of staff at Sale Gaol first appeared in the Return of persons employed in the Public Service, 31 January 1888 (GG, No.10, 1888). The earliest records from Sale Gaol date from 1887.

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