Shaping E-markets by Timely Information Discovery [ 2002 - 2004 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Prof JK Debenham Dr SJ Simoff Prof I Wilkinson

Brief description The perturbation of market equilibrium through entrepeneurial action is the essence of market evolution. Entrepeneurship relies on intuition and information discovery. This project addresses the problem of identifying timely information for e-markets with their rapid, pervasive and massive flows of data. This information will be distilled from individual signals in the markets themselves and from signals observed on the unreliable, information-overlaoded Internet. Distributed, concurrent, time-constrained data mining methods will be managed using business process management technology to extract timely, reliable information from this unreliable environment. This project will derive fundamental insight into how e-markets evolve.

Funding Amount $253,232

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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