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The Sludge Abatement Board was established on 15 July 1907, and consisted of John Blockley Jaquet, Chief Inspector of Mines and Chairman of the Board, William Mogford Hamlet, Government Analyst, and Percy Allan, Principal Assistant Engineer for Water Conservation, Department of Public Works. (1)

The Board was empowered to investigate complaints made regarding pollution or injury caused by sluicing, dredging, or other mining operations to any river, stream, watercourse, lake or reservoir, or to any agricultural or grazing land adjacent, and to order the cessation of such operations to prevent further damage, and to order any person about to commence or authorise sluicing, dredging, or other mining operations which would, in the Board's opinion, cause injury or pollution, to make provision or take such steps as the Board may direct, to prevent this occurring. The Board also compiled reports and made recommendations regarding applications for mining leases where sluicing or dredging was proposed, and on the report of the Board, the Governor could exempt polluted rivers and watercourses as a water supply to livestock, with penalties to be imposed for any person acting in contravention of any order of the Board. Water discharged into rivers was also tested for poisonous or noxious matter, as well as insoluble substances, to ascertain any threat to public health. (2)

1.NSW Government Gazette 1907, Vol 3, No 96, p.4567
2.Statutes of NSW 1906, Mining Act 1906, No 49, S.122, p.320-322

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