Special Research initiative (Science of Learning) - Grant ID: SR120300015 [ 2012 - 2016 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers A/Prof Robert Hester; A/Prof Ross Cunnington; Prof Jason Mattingley; Prof Lori Lockyer; A/Prof Annemaree Carroll; Prof Collette Tayler; A/Prof Gregor Kennedy; Prof Patrick Griffin; Prof Sven Silburn; Prof David Reutens; Prof John Pegg; Prof Diana Laurillard; Prof Russell Tytler; Prof Robyn Gillies; Prof Brian Butterworth; Prof Ottmar Lipp; Prof Merrilyn Goos; Prof Tianzi Jiang; Dr Paul Dux; Prof John Hattie; Prof Pankaj Sah; Prof David Clarke; Dr Timothy Bredy; Prof Martin Westwell; Dr Sue Thomson; Dr Michael Timms; Dr Siek-Toon Khoo

Brief description (The Science of Learning Research Centre) The brain's most fundamental characteristic is its ability to learn from experience, and effectively targeting its physiology to improve the delivery of learning is a key area of international research endeavour. By discovering how the brain learns most efficiently, we will have the ability to enhance education in a variety of settings. The proposed Science of Learning Research Centre will foster strategic new collaborations between educators, neuroscientists, and cognitive psychologists throughout Australia. The needs of teachers in the classroom will be used to drive collaborative discovery, with the expertise of neuroscientists and psychologists being harnessed to design effective and practical learning techniques and assessment tools.

Funding Amount 16000000

Funding Scheme Special Research initiative (Science of Learning)

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