Where will species go? Revolutionising projections of species distributions with climate change [ 2008 - 2011 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Mrs LJ Beaumont; Prof AJ Pitman; Dr W THUILLER; Dr SE Williams

Brief description Improving our capacity to predict climate change impacts on biodiversity is a National Research Priority and a priority under the National Biodiversity and Climate Change Action Plan (2004-2007). Our research will revolutionise the field of bioclimatic modelling by enabling the probability of losses/gains in species distributions to be calculated. This will enable policy makers to identify vulnerable species and provides a strong framework for prioritizing areas for research and monitoring. Our research will interface two disciplines, earth and biological sciences, and establish a new international collaboration that will ensure Australia is at the forefront of a rapidly developing research field.

Funding Amount $519,697

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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