St. Arnaud Waterworks Trust (CALLED St.Arnaud Borough Waterworks Trust from 1898 to 1950 (VA 2154)

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The St Arnaud Borough Waterworks Trust (VA 2154) was constituted under Water Act 1890, 28th and gazetted 30 September 1898.

By an Order -in Council dated 19 September 1950 made under the provisions of the water Act and published in the Government Gazette on 27 September 1950, the Governor in Council amended the Order fo 28 September 1898, to alter the name of the St Arnaud Borough Waterworks Trust to St Arnaud Waterworks Trust (VA 4960).

Water Reform
Under section 8 of the Water and Sewerage Authorities (Restructuring) Act 1983 (No. 9895) many Waterworks Trusts and Sewerage Authorities were abolished. Water Boards replaced Waterworks Trusts and Sewerage Authorities, or the functions were transferred to Municipalities. Further reforms in the 1990's led to the amalgamation of many of the Water Boards created after 1983.

The Town of St Arnaud (Water Board) VA 4959 succeeded the St Arnaud Waterworks Trust VA 4960 and the St Arnaud Sewerage Authority VA 2031.
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