Timber Promotion Council (known as Timber Promotion Committee, 1969 to 1975)

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The Timber Promotion Council (previously known as Timber Promotion Committee from 1969 to 1975) was established in 1969 by Regulation under powers conferred by Section 99 of the Forests Act 1958. The Timber Promotion Committee (as it was known circa 1969) was made up of nine members three of whom were appointed by the Minister, three nominated by the Commissioner and another nominated by the Sawmillers Association.

The Timber Promotion Council (TPC) was established by the Forests (Timber Promotion) Regulations 1975 made pursuant to the Forests Act 1958. The Council undertook product research and development, marketing and market research and training in relation to the efficient use of (primarily Victorian) timber. It offered a timber advisory service to specifiers and the public.

The Forests Act 1958, No. 6254 section 99 referred to leases and licences, regulation of grazing and cutting trees down. Lighting of fires was prohibited. Legislation to train and educate people to work in forests was encouraged. The thrust of the legislation was to manage and preserve the forests to maximise production of timber for itself and for various uses.

The TPC Annual Report 2003-2004 lists the Council as being primarily responsible, on behalf of its stakeholders, for:
- the development of new and existing domestic and timber market opportunities,
- the promotion of new and existing markets,
- the protection of existing markets from competitors,
- addressing market impediment issues, and
- assisting Australwood and other co-operatives in export market resource development.

TPC is also responsible for representing the Victorian Timber Industry stakeholders on state, national and international matters relating to:

- Standards and codes,
- R&D (research and development),
- Education and training,
- Regulatory impediment issues, and
- Other technical matters,
with the aim of providing the technical support required to achieve a successful market development program so as to expand market access for its stakeholders' timber products. (TPC Annual Report 2003-2004 p2).

The TPC gained funding from the Victorian sawmilling sector through royalties collected by the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) and through grants from industry bodies. Funds were also received from the sale of timber related publications and the delivery of external consultancies. (TPC Annual Report 2003-2004 p2)

The Forests (Timber Promotion Council) Regulations 2004 were revoked as of the 30th of August 2005 under the instrument of the Forests (Timber Promotion Council) (Revocation) Regulations 2005. Accordingly the TPC was disbanded also as of the 30th of August 2005 and any outstanding activities or responsibilities transferred to the Department of Primary Industries (DPI).

The Council reported to its Minister via its 'host' Department, the Department of Primary Industries.

The powers and functions of the Council have been defined in a series of Regulations issued over the period of the existence of the TPC, the most recent being the Forests (Timber Promotion Council) Regulations 2004. Section 11 of these define the powers and functions of the TPC as being:
- The Council is to provide advice to the Secretary on timber promotion,
- The Council must use the money made available to it to promote the use of timber.
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